Monday, December 6, 2010

Shirts are IN!!!!!

Working on getting them all shipped out ASAP! There is lots of extras in stock, perfect for Christmas gifts!


  1. Erica,

    I want to place an order but, when I stare at the pictures of the t-shirts and order buttons I get so confused! [you can blame it on a day of paper chasing!]

    Please help me!

    Here's what I want, please let me know if it's possible or if i'm truly losing my mind:)

    I want the same shirt your hubby has on-Olive green. Where you Live, Men's Large.

    Also, IF the bright aqua shirt your daughter has on comes in an a unisex sz small [but, looking at the buttons-I don't think it does] I want that too.

    If not, I would love the Where You Live long sleeve t in black, unisex size small [unless the unisex sizes run a size big, than an XS.]

    Let me know and I can send $$ to you asap via paypal.
    We want to support y'all!


  2. Hey Emily -

    I'm not sure if you ordered or not BUT the mens T in Olive - I'm out of the size L (I have it in XL and I will be getting more in around the first of the year) and I DO have the bright aqua in womens but its the fitted T - not slim - if you want unisex small I'd get the fitted M and its the same size. :)

    Let me know!

  3. Do you have any more "Where You Live T-Shirts" in the Unisex Fit and if so, what are the colors? What about the baseball Tee? I am looking for a L in both.